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Atari was a business icon in the early eighties.  It was one of the most recognised brand names in the world, one the fastest growing companies, the company with the most sought after engineers and programmers, the company with the hottest products, and ultimately, the company which had as much to do with its own downfall as the market it helped to create. 

Today, Atari is just a logo on another companies gaming products.  There are no Atari "employees", there are no offices or manufacturing plants, just a room somewhere with the remnants of its patents and properties, now owned by the French software publisher Infogrames.

Atari spawned an entire industry, today worth more than $15 Billion annually.  It created some of the most notable arcade games and home video game systems, it even tried to take on IBM and Apple in the computer market.  Today, most kids haven't even heard of Atari, preferring to talk excitedly about Mario from Nintendo, or their hopes of getting a Sony or Microsoft games console for Christmas.

Atari is now, unfortunately, just part of history.  Atari left the scene without much fanfare, with little or no mention of its fall in the media, and with much of its former glory tainted by the rise of its competitors.

So, even if your first game was played on a 2600 or a Nintendo, or your first letter was type-written on a 40 Column TV screen or an LCD monitor, we hope you enjoy some of the more topical articles and news clippings we have collected for you here.



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