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:: Foreword ::

Thank you for visiting Atari Explorer.  A lot of work has gone into this project so far, and a lot more is planned for the future.  I hope you enjoy every part of the site.

When I launched the Atari Time Machine just before the end of 1997, I had always envisaged a website that incorporated all the most important Atari history and information.  Little did I realise how big such a project would be to accomplish.  After a few years updating and revising ATM, I decided to finally register a domain and develop a more exciting Atari website, where you could find out anything you wanted to about Atari.  Again, another great idea in theory, but executing such a project on your own is no simple task.  Thanks again go to Curt Vendel of the Atari Museum for his help and friendship over the years and to all those of you who have helped in making this site what it is today.  Ultimately, it is preserving the history of Atari that this site is dedicated.

 Enjoy AEX, and help out if you can, there is a lot more to come...

 Very best,




:: Can we help you? ::

We don't admit to being experts, but if we can help you we will.  If you have a query, try the AHS forums first.  If you can't get an answer there, we will always try and reply to your e-mails - but we do get a lot of them, so please be patient for a direct response.  Please note, we will not reply to ROM requests.



:: Media Support ::

If you are looking for research information, or content/collateral for a media project, please get in touch.  There is a nominal fee for hardware loans and research, which is used to support the AHS museum.  The Atari Historical Society does have a media policy which is available on request.  The AHS has provided media support for a number of projects, including organisations such as HBO, BBC, Le Monde, and many others.



:: Items wanted ::

This could be a long list!  AHS is always looking to get in contact with former Atari employees, or those who had an indirect relationship with the company.  So far, over 70 ex-employees have helped with donations and research.  in addition, we have had Atari owners from the four corners of the globe who have been extremely helpful to our project.

We are always on the look out for internal paperwork, schematics, photos, prototype information - in fact anything you think you can contribute to the project as a whole is very welcome.  We will always help out with postage costs if required, and return items that can be loaned and not donated.



:: Submissions and donations ::

We welcome submissions which are in keeping with the topics covered throughout our websites.  Hardware, software, magazines etc are always welcome.  Please get in touch and let us know if there is anything you would like to share with the museum or the websites, and we'll have a chat first.



:: Credits ::

There has been so many people who have helped me over the years, especially when I asked for help out of the blue!  There are some very kind people in the Atari community, and I would like to thank everyone who has helped, especially those of you who I have lost contact with.


  Curt Vendel
  Stephane Hilbold
  Alex Pustan
  Ian Richardson
  Bob Garner
  Bill Brougham (Please get in touch!)
  Clint Thompson
  Darryl Still
  Jon Dean
  Gareth Knight (I still owe you some scans!)
  Iain Laskey
  John R Sanderson
  Klaus Wichmann
  Matthew Bacon
  Mike Duncan
  Nick Harlow (I will be in touch)
  David @ Old-Mags
  Dirk Schmauser
  Bruce Eng
  Randy Femrite

And anybody that I have forgot to mention... Thank you.



:: Privacy policy ::

We respect the privacy of our contributors and friends.  No personal information is provided to any third-party companies.  AHS/AEX is not a commercial site.

All images, design and copy are the work of the AEX staff (unless noted) - Please ask permission to use material on this site.


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