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The History of Atari

The history of Atari is summarised in 12 chapters ( which you can see listed on the left) and these represent the key moments that make up the 24 years that Atari was in business.

This area of AEX is an ongoing project, and we will add and amend information here as time goes on.  If you have anything to add or correct, please contact us directly or through the forums, we are always grateful for a helping hand!


 1972 - the birth of Atari
 The world goes Pong crazy
 Launch of the VCS
 Atari grows up
 Just before the crash...
 1984 - The crash
 The new Atari Corporation
 Computer wars
 Playing the game
 Survival of the fittest
 Let's play games again
 1996 - Game over

 What does "Atari" mean?
 Official History (Flyer)
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