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We put a lot of thought into AEX - and while we work to get a new database driven site built, we hope you find the current version of Atari Explorer a pleasant experience to use.

If you are having navigation challenges, or want to get the most out of our website, we offer some simple advice on how best to get around...


AEX is easy to navigate!  Excluding the home page, there are FIVE main areas within the AEX website.  If you look above, you will see a blue icon beside the "Information" area, which tells you which of the five main areas you are currently viewing.  You can click on any of these at any time.

When you enter any of the above areas, you will get a main menu on the left hand side of the page.  Each menu shows different pages which you can view.  The menu shows various icons beside a short description of the respective page.  Red Arrows donate a page which you can select, and Green Arrows donate the page you are currently viewing.

Purple Arrows donate a sub-topic of the page you are viewing.

If you want to go back to any main menu of your choice, a "Return Arrow" will donate that option. Blue for the main area menu, and Green for the parent menu of any section.

Other icons donate additional content for the page your are viewing.  All the icons are described in full below.



Atari Explorer Icon Key:

 Main menu
 Return to main menu
 Select page
 Page selected (always green to show which page you are reading)
 Return to parent menu
 Sub-Topic menu
 Select sub-topic page
 Information Icon (Will bring up additional information)
 Forums icon
 Donates that a picture can be magnified or a page has thumbnails
 The view icon donates a page with special information
 Download icon for various files or pictures
 Download or view AVI or MPEG clips
 Download or listen to music or sound clips
 External link - will open new window
 Offline icon
 Offline icon (some of the above icons may also donate offline status)

 Help! How to navigate AEX