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April 2005:


AEX is back online after some trials and tribulations over the last 5 months!


Although it was planned to have a new site design ready for 2005, we have decided for various reasons to use the current tried and trusted version and to get the site back online as quickly as possible.  We have had hundreds of e-mails of support and it really helped us get things back on track, thank you.


32% of the site has been updated since it was last online, including mundane things like spelling and grammar which sometimes get overlooked at 3am in the morning!


Without boring you all with what's new this time around, I'll leave you to explore and enjoy the site now that it is finally back!   Look out for ACE coming soon!


Oh, and if you can help us get some of the Atari collateral we are currently looking for, that would be very much appreciated ;-)

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