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Atari ensured that the Portfolio was truly expandable, and as efficient as a standard desktop PC.  A large range of peripherals were made available, including many third-party add-ons.  Here are some of the official Atari products for the Portfolio...

Possibly the most widely used accessory in the Portfolio range were the Flash memory cards.  They required an internal battery to keep the data recorded, and could be transferred to a PC using the optional Flash-Card reader below.

The Flash-Card reader came with an internal ISA card, cable and reader module.  This enabled quick data transfer to and from your Portfolio to your desktop PC.

Printing documents directly from your Portfolio was easy with the optional Parallel Interface, which attached to the expansion bus on the right-side of the Portfolio.  A serial (RS-232) interface was also available.

Atari launched a range of software for the Portfolio, which included Finance, Chess, Programming (Power basic), Spelling and File Manager.  Some third-party software was also available.

The biggest expansion adapter was the Memory Expander Plus.  This gave you an additional 256Kb of RAM in addition to the standard 128Kb built-into the Portfolio.  It had a pass-through connector so you could still plug in other devices such as the Parallel Adapter (or another Memory Expander Plus), and also came with an additional Card Slot, which acted as Drive B:, so you could copy data from one card to another.

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