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1989 - The Atari Portfolio was the worlds first truly portable MS-DOS based computer.  It was one of Atari's most interesting business product lines aimed at the wider mass market.  Developed in conjunction with DIP in the UK (who also released a similar version), Atari made a concerted effort to market the machine properly worldwide.

The machine became an instant success.  With it's built in "Lotus 1-2-3" compatible spreadsheet, address book, calculator and tone dialling features, the mainstream PC press gave it well deserved coverage.  Initially, the new "palm-top" was to be named the PC Folio, and press kits and other marketing collateral had already been delivered with this branding.  But a trademark dispute soon required Atari to change the name, and it became known as the Portfolio!

From full page ads in the New York Times, to special promotion phone lines, Atari was really pushing the Portfolio, and the Atari brand was making small, but significant inroads into the business community. Perhaps it was a product well ahead of it's time.  Today PDA's and handheld devices are very popular products, perhaps if Atari had concentrated its efforts even further in this area, the company may of been able to corner the market it certainly helped create.

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