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The Atari XE Video Game System (XEGS) was released in 1987, and Atari supported the system with the release of new software cartridges. Attractively packaged in the blue tiled theme of the XEGS range, 30 new titles (with some old and repackaged) made it to the store shelves.  Although strictly released as part of the XEGS family, all XE/XL and 400/800* computers were fully compatible with these titles.  *Some titles required a minimum of 48Kb or 64Kb RAM.  If you know of any other XE titles that were released and are not shown here, please get in touch with AEX.

The "rarity" scale used is only a guide.  For example, in some territories, titles would be more easily available than others.  Rare or hard to find titles are generally regarded as such worldwide.  Prototype titles, those that were partially or even fully made but not released, can be purchased by third party publishers such as B&C Computervisions, but were never published or released officially.  Never released titles may have been announced, or even partially produced, but again, never officially released and still unavailable.


:: Officially Released Titles (Boxed for retail sale) ::

  Ace of Aces   Airball   Archon   Ballblazer  

Ace of Aces







  Barnyard Blaster   BattleZone   Blue Max   Choplifter!  

Barnyard Blaster




Blue Max



  Crime Buster   Crossbow   Crystal Castles   Dark Chambers  

Crime Buster




Crystal Castles


Dark Chambers

  Davids' Midnight Magic   Desert Falcon   Donkey Kong    

David's M/Magic


Desert Falcon


Donkey Kong


Eastern Front

  Fight Night   Food Fight   Gato   Hardball  

Fight Night


Food Fight





  Into the Eagles Nest   Karateka   Lode Runner   Mario Brothers  

Into/Eagles Nest




Lode Runner


Mario Bros.

  Necromancer   One on One Basketball   Rescue on Fractulas   Star Raiders II  



One on One


Rescue on Fractalus


Star Raiders II


Summer Games






Summer Games




:: Officially Released Titles (For "Pack-In" only or Demonstration) ::


:: Prototype, Cancelled or Unreleased Titles ::


If you have any further information, missing images etc, please contact AEX.


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