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EST (AHS Collection)

Atari had been working on the next generation ST ever since the original design specifications for the first ST were drawn up in 1984.  The EST (Enhanced ST) as it was known in the press, was the first prototype system of a machine which would become the Atari TT030 in 1990.

The German magazine "DATA WELT" ran a curious story in May 1986 under the headline "A New 32-Bitter".  Its sources said that Atari had a new machine in development with the following specifications:

   CPU: Motorola 68020
  FPU: Motorola 68881/2
   Memory: 4 MB
  OS: Unix System V or TOS
   Custom chips: 6 new custom chips, with Blitter II and Shifter II
  Price: $3,000+

EST side view (AHS Collection)

In 1990, Atari prototyped another ST variant, the 1040STE+.  This was a standard 1040ST with an additional AMD-386 CPU for running DOS and Windows compatible software.  A number of fully working prototypes were produced, along with the 1040STE+ name badge.  It was never released.


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