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The Atari MegaSTE

1991 - Atari released the Mega STE as a replacement for the MEGA range of systems which utilised the previous ST standard architecture.  The Mega STE was announced at the November 1990 Comdex in Las Vegas, and was a welcome surprise to many in attendance.  With the STE architecture announcement a year earlier and both the 1040STE and 520STE shipping in quantity since that time, many observers were expecting a replacement for the MEGA, which was the favoured platform for business and high-end users as apposed to the all-in-one 520 and 1040 units.


Interestingly, Atari decided to use the TT chassis design for the Mega STE.  As the design and tooling were already completed and FCC certification easier with the STE components compared to that of its bigger brother, the Atari TT030, it would also reduce costs to use the same case.  To differentiate the product from the TT, as they obviously looked alike, the Mega STE would be coloured with the "ST Grey" scheme, keeping the TT in its "off-white" clothing.


Of course, inside there were some major changes from the stock STE configurations.  Of note, the CPU would now be clock switchable from the standard ST 8MHz design to a faster 16MHz option.  The inclusion of the internal VME bus and internal HD option would make this the perfect high-end STE system.  The only item missing from the Mega STE when compared to the all-in-one 520 and 1040 systems was the new Atari 15-Pin Analogue/Digital controller ports.


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