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Atari had planned many new peripherals for the 7800 in 1984, but when Warner sold Atari to Jack Tramiel, it spelt the death knell for the system.  Only a a couple of the peripherals were eventually launched after the 7800's release over 2 years later in 1986.

The Pro-Line joystick was the next generation video game controller from Atari for the 7800 Pro System (it was also launched as a peripheral for the XL line of computers).  Although it was a big improvement over the 5200 controller, nothing had yet been able to replace the CX-40 for comfort, popularity and price.

The G1 light gun was released in 1987, and it is unclear why the unit was marketed using an orange design, as this is not in keeping with the black colouring of the 2600 and 7800.  This was in direct response to the shooting games which had become popular on the Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo called their pack-in shooting game Duck Hunt, and Atari's pack-in game was called Bug Hunt!).

Now, this was just a little too blatant, but these were the Nintendo-like-controllers that shipped with the 7800 in Europe.  Nicer looking than the Nintendo Joypad, they are very common in Europe, but rarely seen in their official packaging.  Ironically, when Nintendo showed their system to Atari in 1983 hoping for a licensing agreement, Atari remarked that there were no joysticks, and Atari couldn't sell a video game system without joysticks...

The High-Score Cartridge (CX-78HSC) was released in 2000 by the Atari Historical Society.  Curt Vendel and Gary Rubino were able to retrieve a copy of the old GCC schematic drawings for the device, which was due to be released in 1984 with the other officially planned 7800 peripherals.  You can learn more about this device by visiting the official Hi-Score web pages here...

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