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Atari planned to support the Jaguar with a large range of accessories to enhance the platforms capabilities, and to promote the range of options available to entice new customers along the way.  There was no doubting that the accessories available were well designed and practical products, in some cases, such as the "Memory Track", essential for the serious Jaguar gamer.  Some of the products which never made it to the retail shelves could have boosted the desirability of the system if they had made it out of R&D, such as the Modem, VR and MPEG add-ons.

:: Official accessories released for the Jaguar ::

The standard Jaguar Controller was a unique design, incorporating the earlier Atari designed "keypad" feature seen first on the Atari 2600 "Keyboard controller".  Although levelled with much criticism  when it was first seen, once used, it provides ample comfort for prolonged use.  The controller could also use keypad overlays, which had instructions for games utilising the keypad controls.


The Pro Controller was launched much later in the Jaguars' life, in fact, very close to the end of it.  It has an additional 3 "fire" buttons, and the trademark "Super Nintendo" style shoulder buttons.  Few games used these extra features, and the Pro Controller was actually rendered near obsolete.  Few were released officially, and they are treasured by their owners!


The Atari Jaguar had no internal game save feature, although some cartridges enabled the use of a facility to save game positions and scores.  Of course, this wasn't a feature you could use playing CD games, so Atari released a special cartridge for Jaguar CD owners to record game positions and score data.


For multi-player games, you could have attach the TeamTap adaptor to your Jaguar, allowing up to 4 players to play on one Jaguar at the same time.  Even better, plug-in 2 TeamTap adaptors, and 8 players could play the same game!


Of course, if you had ever played Doom at work over your PC network (depending how friendly your IT department was), it was a must have to own the JagLink.  Now you could play head-to-head with your friends at home, and theoretically, up to 127 Jaguars could be connected!!!


For better picture quality, a composite monitor cable was made available by Atari.  In Europe, the popular "Scart" cable was also available.


There's nothing worse than having to rummage around the back of your TV changing cables for viewing TV or playing your Jaguar.  A switchbox was released from Atari to make your life less stressful.


Atari originally made Jaguars available to rent at your local Blockbusters Video Rental store, and these carry cases kept the Jaguar safe from knocks and bangs on the way to another clients home.  They weren't released as commercial carry cases, although its still possible to purchase them.


   :: Official accessories developed to prototype stage ::


The Jaguar Modem was developed for network play, with the addition of simultaneous data and voice transmission.   The idea was you could play a game with someone and talk to them at the same time, over the same phone line.  With a maximum of 19,200 baud, the only Jaguar game with working modem code is Ultra Vortek.


"Cortina" (codename based on a 70's UK car from Ford) is  a "Web TV" interface that would have allowed web browsing and E-mail.  The Cortina was fully developed, although working software for the Jaguar was never finished. It provided the interface for a modem (serial), keyboard and mouse.  6 or 8 units were made for prototype testing.

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